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Welding of fiber optics

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Services Intech

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Fiber Technologies

INTECH – Fiber optic technologies.

“Telecommunications is a field of technology and science of the twentieth century. It is the development of civilization and progress in the 21st century.”

Fiber-optic telecommunications is the most dynamically developing technology in Poland and in the world. We are glad that together with you, we have actively participated in the development of fiber optic technology in Poland for 10 years. A round anniversary is a time for us to summarize but also to set new plans for the future. During this period a lot has changed in the market. Currently, the industry is saturated with installation companies. We have seen an undoubted development boom in this sector. That is why we approach each and every client and client with great commitment and professionalism. I have been working in the industry since 2007 and my company has found its place on a difficult market. The passion with which we build the next part of fiber optic infrastructure makes us a reliable and reliable partner. We invite you to establish business relationships and use our knowledge and skills. See you at the construction site. Marek Kaźmierczak, owner


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